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Rajesh Industries Ltd - Basmati Rice Manufacturer

Basmati Rice

We have constructed a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility which is located at Haryana, India. This facility plays a vital part in assisting us to manufacture and also store a bulk amount of Traditional Basmati Rice. Easy to digest and high in nutritional value, this variety of rice is free from every kind of impurities and are ready to cook. We have hired an experienced team of farmers who cultivate and harvest the crop without using harmful pesticides in order to retain their natural taste. The wide range of Traditional Basmati Rice manufactured by our company find its extensive application for making different cuisines.

  • Affordable Prices
  • Easily digestible
  • Fine fragrance
  • Sweet Taste
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1509 Basmati Rice

Price: 1000 USD ($)/Metric Ton

The 1509 Basmati Rice traded by us is astounding cooking grade, twofold cleaned, smooth and white hued, slim and elongated grain. It has fine characteristic fragrant flavor and delightful taste. Subsequent to cooking, rice stays particular, dry and soft in appearance and surface.

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1121 Rice

Price: 1000 USD ($)/Metric Ton

Purchase Ensured Non Basmati Rice from us, various distinctive rice is alluded to as "red rice". Like other unhulled rice, red rice has a nutty flavor and a high dietary esteem, germ of the rice is left in place. Red rice is regularly named as "Bhutanese red rice" or "freight rice".

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Long Basmati Rice

Price: 1000 USD ($)/Metric Ton

Our high- quality stock of Long Basmati Rice is assured to be cultivated under strict observation to ensure that no chemicals find their way into this product. Good for preparing a variety of rice dishes like pulao, biryani and sizzlers, these rice grains are soft and non- sticky. As compared to other polished variants, it is completely free from health-damaging chemicals.

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Premium Basmati Rice

Price: 1000 USD ($)/Metric Ton

Free from dust and impurities, the Premium Basmati Rice is widely appreciated for its longer shelf life, health benefits and relishing taste. The offered stock of rice contains less starch which means it does not becomes sticky. We hygienically process our complete stock with the support of hi-tech machines to remove dust particles and debris. Rich in proteins and fibers, it has eight essential amino acid and folic acids that reduce the risk of cardiovascular conditions.

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Long White Basmati Rice

Price: 1000 USD ($)/Metric Ton

This Long White Basmati Rice is processed with a perfect blend of flavor and aroma that promises an appetizing feast. Each rice grain post cooking stands out separated and elongated, gracing a variety of dishes. Extensively demanded in hotels, restaurants and homes, it is cultivated by using natural and organic manures. Free from impurities, high in nutritional value and easy to digest, it is checked on various quality parameters.

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Basmati Rice

Price: 1000 USD ($)/Metric Ton

1121 Basmati Rice is extremely healthy owing to its high protein and carbohydrate content. Best Known for its nutritional value and longer shelf life, the rice is also valued for its soft texture, freshness and rich aroma. The rice is processed to have a smooth texture and offers a bouquet of delicate flavors to the taste buds. One can easily try this rice with fried vegetables or curries for an unforgettable taste.

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Parboiled Basmati Rice

Price: 1000 USD ($)/Metric Ton

The proteins and supplements that are available in our Parboiled Basmati Rice are measure of the middle of the road to elevated gelatinization temperature (if the volume and shape of the rice get solidified). In addition, provided rice offers a mix of immaculate fragrance and tasty taste.

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Himalayan Basmati Rice

Price: 1000 USD ($)/Metric Ton

As far as physio-synthetic qualities, Himalayan Basmati Rice has a halfway level of amylase content (a measure of dullness) such as 20-25 percent (22 for each penny is viewed as perfect). Our rice additionally has a middle of the road to high basic spreading esteem.

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1121 Brown Basmati Rice

Price: 1000 USD ($)/Metric Ton

1121 Brown Basmati Rice is well- known to have the most delightful fragrance. These beautiful long grains are processed with totally no artificial additions. Our basmati also comes with totally no harmful additives and pesticides. It is the perfect accompaniment to Indian curries and is used in biryani and pilaf dishes. We stringently inspect the quality and purity of the rice before final packing and delivery in market.

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Brown Basmati Rice

Price: 1000 USD ($)/Metric Ton

This Brown Basmati Rice is highly preferred among diabetic people for its zero cholesterol level. These rice grains are very beneficial for your heart and cardio vascular functioning. The low level of carbohydrates in the rice helps in maintaining overall health. Contains high fiber, the rice is good for digestion. HET processed and enriched with vitamins and minerals for stronger immunity in people.

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Pusa White Basmati Rice

Price: 1000 USD ($)/Metric Ton

Pusa White Basmati Rice is a decision of all working class families. It is strangely an exceptionally practical and great kind of long grain rice otherwise called the younger sibling of Pusa Basmati Rice. Rice Sharbati is developed in North India and famous in Inns and Providing food organizations.

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Traditional Basmati Rice

Price: 1000 USD ($)/Metric Ton

Traditional Basmati Rice is anything but difficult to process with high dietary fiber and nourishing substance. It is light weight, fragrant, shorter and fatter than other Indian Rices. Our Ensured Rice is medium grain premium quality rice, light weight and fragrant.

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Traditional Raw Basmati Rice

Price: 1000 USD ($)/Metric Ton

Our high- quality stock of Traditional Raw Basmati Rice is famous worldwide for its long grains. Once cooked, the rice grains swell only length wise and are free flowing compared to other rice grades. These rice grains are highly preferred in hotels, homes and restaurants for their fragrance, length and taste. We offer the Basmati rice to clients in different packaging options to meet their exact needs.

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Golden Basmati Rice

Price: 1000 USD ($)/Metric Ton

Our Golden Basmati Rice assortment is unique in relation to other rice for the most part because of the smell and stretching of more than twice to its unique length post cooking, in this manner making it a delicacy. It gives a particular fragrance, slim grain and feathery surface when cooked.

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Pusa Golden Basmati Rice

Price: 1000 USD ($)/Metric Ton

Widely used for preparing a variety of cuisines, the Pusa Golden Basmati Rice is available in various packaging options. When cooked, it turns out be thin, fluffy and non- sticky. Best known for its aromatic flavor and fine texture, it is cultivated by our experienced personnel in the most suitable climatic conditions. Further, it is processed in our processing unit to remove rice bran, dust and stones. Moreover, the stock is quality checked before dispatch.

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Raw Basmati Rice

Price: 1000 USD ($)/Metric Ton

Acclaimed for its long shelf life and easy cooking, the offered Raw Basmati Rice is demanded across the globe. Suitable for preparing biryani, fried rice and plain rice, this rice is available for our precious patrons in diverse packaging options. Additionally, the provided Raw Basmati Rice is processed and cleaned with the help of contemporary machines at our advanced production unit.

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White Basmati Rice

Price: 1000 USD ($)/Metric Ton

Ideal for making variety of Middle Eastern and Indian dishes, the provided White Basmati Rice is demanded in canteens, homes, restaurants etc. This rice is grown and cultivated by diligent agro experts without using harmful fertilizers. In addition, the offered White Basmati Rice is applauded for its tempting flavor and purity among our global patrons.

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1121 White Sella Rice

Price: 1000 USD ($)/Metric Ton

Long Grain Basmati Rice is best known for its unique fragrant aroma and flavor. With this premium quality rice, even a simple meal can be transformed into a savory dish and can make the dinner or lunch extremely special in the gourmet style. Best known for having various health benefits, the consumption of this rice in moderation helps the body to fight several diseases. Rich in fibres, it prevents the formation of cancerous cells in the body. With its low sodium content, it also helps controlling blood pressure.

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Sugandha Basmati Rice

Price: 1000 USD ($)/Metric Ton

Known for its pleasing aroma after cooking and mouth watering taste, the offered Sugandha Basmati Rice can be purchased from us in various packaging options. Widely used for preparing numerous rice dishes, this rice is demanded across the globe. The provided Sugandha Basmati Rice is cleaned and processed by our skilled professionals with the assistance of innovative machines.